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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered, well maybe some of them.

Do parents pay extra to access uGroop?

No, a uGroop monthly or yearly credit card subscription includes free access and usage for parents and relatives, regardless of student tour numbers. 

Can we cancel our subscription at any time?

Yes, however, your subscription remains active until your next renewal period begins - monthly or yearly, and you can upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. A subscription upgrade automatically applies a credit on unused days for the current plan.

Note that with a downgraded subscription, you may be unable to access any prior tours.

Who can see the tour itinerary?

Tour itineraries and other assets are hosted on secure sites with access only by your invitation to a tour or to be part of an organisation. The assigned roles people have on a tour determine what data and features they can access.

A configurable public link is available to promote your tour to a selected audience via email or social groups.

What support is available if we run into problems or have questions?

Online help is inbuilt with the uGroop app and is available on all pages to send us a message, chat if we are online or access the uGroop help library.
Updates to the uGroop app are applied every 7-10 days to ensure you have the latest software to work with.
Should a critical issue arise under our control preventing you from using any uGroop function, it will be actioned with the highest priority.
We want you to have the best experience possible.

How do we get started?

Register an account using the SIGN IN button at the top right of your menu. You must supply a few details for security reasons, engage in an email verification process, and supply a credit card for a paid monthly or yearly subscription. A free account is also available to choose from for a test drive.

Is there a limit on the number of tours we can have?

Simply put, no. You can participate in as many itineraries, whether created by you or invited to by someone else, as you like.
Should you register for an organisation account, you will also have a personal workspace available. You can use this area to work on itineraries before sharing them with your organisation or for your trips with family and friends.

We are working with a tour operator, how does this work?

No problem. If your tour operator uses uGroop to prepare itineraries, then your workload will be reduced while still being able to add school-specific content.
If your itineraries or proposals are still in the old PDF format, then create your tour and enter the information - it will be a valuable exercise in reviewing the schedule and raising questions about timings, places, and transportation methods. Invest about an hour and save many hours from there on.

Can I use uGroop for my personal trips?

Yes, you can register for an organisation account, say your school or campus, or only a personal account.
If you register for an organisation account, you will also have a personal workspace available. You can use this area to work on itineraries before sharing them with your organisation or for your trips with family and friends.

Is the data safe, secure and private?

Yes. We understand in today's world that ensuring the security and privacy of your data is of the highest importance. Therefore, we have taken several necessary measures to protect your information while utilizing Amazon Web Services and Google Firebase.

Firstly, we have established an internal network to host your data exclusively. This method means that your data is not accessible from the public internet, and access is only available to authorized users. By doing this, we can limit the possibility of unauthorized access and ensure that your data remains safe and secure.
Secondly, we encrypt your data to ensure it remains inaccessible to unauthorized users. This encryption process makes accessing your login credentials or conversations virtually impossible without proper authorization, protecting your data from potential threats.
Finally, we have implemented a sophisticated access control list. This list gives users granular control over their viewing and operating content.

By utilizing AWS hosting and Google Firebase, we can ensure that our security measures are of the highest quality and that your data remains safe and secure. We take your privacy and security very seriously and are committed to always protecting your information.

What is LIVE update?

LIVE update is a feature that immediately applies changes one person makes to an itinerary to all other screens viewing that itinerary. This method ensures that everyone always works on the latest and up-to-date information and eliminates miscommunications and possible oversights.
An activity log is available to help with reconciliation if needed.

Will uGroop keep track of everything that I need to do?

Pretty much. With a detailed and timelined itinerary and a process from planning to travel, it's easy to see what still needs to be done. Use the inbuilt checklists to record your tasks and when they need completion using one of the oldest and easiest management techniques.

There is no need to keep separate lists in other applications not connected with the itinerary. It promotes transparency, reduces the likelihood of oversights mistakes and results in safer and more enjoyable travel.

How do I engage students and parents with the tour itinerary?

As uGroop is a group travel platform, you can invite students and parents to connect to an itinerary with their roles and then begin to collaborate and share online in your private group.
Handle parent information nights online if needed and work with the students and the itinerary, including embedded quizzes, reviews and linked research content.
Remove anyone from the group at any time to restrict their access to content.

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