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The itinerary builder lets you create detailed travel itineraries for flights, accommodations, transportation, and all other student activities, presented in an easy-to-read chronological order. Helpful tools like timezone conversion, checklists and search are available to ensure your trip planning is fun and interesting.


You can use uGroop throughout your school without any restrictions on the number, length, or complexity of tours.


uGroop can be used by all tour contributors, both internal and external members, for preparation and planning. It is also available to students and parents to aid in their preparation and also while travelling. Access is regulated based on each user's role for security purposes.


You can either add your own materials or select from a library to enhance student interest and engagement.


For a better overall experience, it's a good idea to include tabs with extra information like FAQs, what's included, helpful travel tips, study requirements, and more.


Personalise and fine-tune the appearance and features using the built-in settings.


Share a public link to the tour to inform parents and students with a one-click confirmation of interest. Use the link in the parent information evening or even skip this step. Display a fully detailed itinerary directly from uGroop on your interactive classroom whiteboard for student awareness. Share the link on socials or other external chats to spread the word.


Are you tired of being stuck in endless email chains that clutter your inbox? Group chats are a great alternative as they eliminate these long threads and keep conversations focused.


You can enhance student engagement by including your own links and forms to encourage more educational opportunities before, after, and during the tour.


Many parents have enjoyed the option to view daily photos and videos of their children in different locations during past tours. This private feature includes commentary from the tour leaders and is not accessible to anyone outside of the shared tab for privacy reasons.


You can use uGroop on your desktop, tablet, or mobile device without downloading a separate app and learning a different interface.


Utilising checklists has been shown to be a successful method of arranging and handling tasks. It aids in minimizing errors, maintaining uniformity, increasing efficiency, and making sure that each step is accomplished. It is incorporated into the itinerary for convenience and transparency.


To assist students, it is advised to share rooming lists in the itinerary and keep them updated. Additionally, it is crucial to record the address and contact information for each individual residence in case of homestays.


It is crucial to have access to all the required medical information during a tour. For this reason, we keep a record of each student's medical conditions, allergies, medications, and dietary requirements. To ensure swift accessibility in case of emergencies, you may upload doctor's certificates, prescriptions, and action plans for medical, risk, and communication, as well as translations for foreign countries.


Imagine working in one place on everything relevant to planning, promotion and travel with every person who is involved.

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Keep track of a list of places and activities you're considering for your itinerary but haven't finalised yet."


Automatically save important emails such as booking confirmations in the itinerary for easy reference at a later time. Say goodbye to the frustration of searching for "that email" months down the line.


Create a map view for every tour segment, allowing everyone to visualize the journey as a whole.


Effortlessly gather student and organizer feedback for any chosen event in real-time to enhance analysis and facilitate informed decision-making during the post-tour phase.

Upload your risk assessment documents as well as those provided by the tour operator. We are currently developing an optional module that will allow you to create your own risk assessment based on your itinerary.


You can easily share all tour content with parents through email, direct social posts, or external chats using the configurable public tour link. Plus, you can manage registrations of interest directly in the itinerary, so you won't need to keep separate lists.


To ensure a complete digital record of past tours, it is recommended to organize them into named folders. If you plan on conducting the same tour again next year, simply copy the previous one and update the dates for a great starting point.


You can access Google Maps with just one click throughout your journey for added convenience.


To make things easier to find when needed, it's a good idea to save airline tickets, vouchers, rental agreements, entrance tickets, coupons, and other helpful items directly in the itinerary.


To fulfill our duty of care obligations, you can record student attendance and any incidents during selected activities in the itinerary. This feature will be available starting from August 2023.


Keeping track of changes to a tour is made easier for organizers, as they can quickly see who made any updates to the agenda. With notifications enabled, everyone will receive alerts for any updates, which is particularly useful for last-minute changes.


If you're looking to manage your budget, utilize the amounts feature which automatically converts currencies for estimates, planning, or expenses.


Share your thoughts, ideas, reactions, and questions about each day with ease by commenting directly on the itinerary.

<Embed HTML>

You can easily generate an HTML block for any tour and add it to your school's intranet. Any changes made to the tour will be instantly visible to both students and staff members.You can easily generate an HTML block for any tour and add it to your school's intranet. Any changes made to the tour will be instantly visible to both students and staff members. SEE BELOW

It's the details that make a journey perfect

We ensure that your application is constantly updated with the latest improvements and features. We value your input and welcome any suggestions for new features you may have.

Minimise internal paperwork

Avoid printing or using emails, documents and spreadsheets except where necessary. Collaborating online is a faster and more effective way to work, with a lower risk of miscommunication.

Make it a standard

Save time and avoid confusion by using uGroop to receive quotes and itineraries from your tour operators without any ambiguity or unnecessary back-and-forth communication.

Reduce parent anxiety

When parents use uGroop, they will feel assured that you have considered every aspect of the tour . They can also rely on uGroop as a central platform for communication before and during the tour.


In today's world, it's rare to speak to a real person, which is why having excellent product support is crucial, even if the product itself isn't flawless. Our team is committed to listening to your needs, offering prompt solutions, and keeping you informed throughout the process. All of this is included in your paid subscription plan.